Thursday, June 02, 2005

TGI Thursday

This is my favorite kind of day for the summer. I have a lot to get done, but I can do it all in whatever order I please. That means I can nap and avoid the barf-effects of late afternoon hormones, too.

First, I HAVE to get those Hostas planted today. Don't tell Travis and Angie, but I've been torturing their lovely plants by leaving them out of the ground all week. Every time I open the sliding back door to let the dog out they get all hopeful and perky, only to have those hopes dashed when I don't even set foot in the back yard. I did water them with the hose, but they were unimpressed.

Gardening for me is like much of my life. I'm all gung-ho for a day or two, getting everything just how I like it. The next day I expect to already see sprouts and flowers and little beginnings of fruit. A few days later I realize that I've forgotten all about watering, and a few days after that I'm shocked to see a few sprouts and limp, thirsty plants.

Don't you think a nice layer of bark or cocoa mulch would look nice, though?

The other things to do today are not nearly as fun. Picking things up & dropping them off, studying the materials for my written project, trying not to get sick.

I have this nagging fear that I will not be able to get everything done for my degree. I'm hoping it's mostly irrational, but the fact that the advisor for grad students in the music department is notoriously unhelpful doesn't do anything to reassure me. Plus, I keep hearing from other students about more things I'll have to do- like present a printed program and recording of each degree recital.

This will all seem simple afterwards, right? I'll look back and think, 'Oh yeah, that degree- it was really no big deal, and each step really added to my overall academic prowess.' No hoops here.

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