Sunday, May 29, 2005

Milwaukee, Heavenly Desserts & Dirty Rotten Insults

We drove to Milwaukee yesterday and it was like our own private holiday. I would post some pics but I think J took the little camera along on his wedding shoot today. Or he hid it from me. He's like that, you know. (no hormones here, none at all)

There is something about travel, and going somewhere new together. Especially now with a little family memeber in tow. I get to walk around, looking at a shrine to Mary for example, but I'm not just looking at a shrine or a shrub. I'm pregnant first, and then I just happen to be looking at something. I feel like I should glow- not in the normal pregger glow, but actually give off light. Green, perhaps. I guess that might frighten the populace, but it's such a great SECRET!

And then...AND THEN!

I had the best cheesecake I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was a tough decision between that and the creme brulee- but not to worry!! Because they somehow put that sugar surface on the cheesecake and bruleed that anyway. It had the lovely crispy/toasty surface and creamy cheesy heft. I sensed the use of generous amounts of evaporated milk. Oh. My. Cow.

On the way home we bonded by thinking of the best body-related insults for each other. Most of them are not worth repeating, but many involved fungi and infections. We laughed so hard the car shook a little. Yeah. We're ready to be responsible adults.

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