Friday, May 06, 2005

A day at the Mall.

We were bored, it was a nice drive. We didn't even buy anything. Not even a cowboy hat or those red flame cowboy boots. We did take tons of pics, including some seriously creepy ones- have to show you those on Friday the 13th, maybe.

Here's the hottest thing around.

Mall Moose

Someday I'll be good at this. It's a recurve bow, and I want to shoot things with it. In the class I took I once fell into the big styrofoam sheet we were shooting into while trying to remove an arrow. It broke into 3 pieces with a totally unnecessary CRRRRACK. The class was in a big indoor horse arena, so it echo...echo...echoed. Still cringing over that one.

Do you think we'll ever make it West? Because if not, I'm just gonna start wearing these anyway.

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