Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wierder and wierder.

In my old life, I rarely remembered my dreams- but no more, my friends. These are class-A, sci-fi channel wierd.

The winner so far? How about this: I'm in an A-level orchestra, and it's the summer season, so we're at this cool venue and it's semi-outdoors. I spend a lot of time running up to the stage where I can't find my seat and then back down and around the audience, backstage, random scaffolding everywhere. Finally the tunes get going and I'm enjoying playing along. I look up and above the stage there's this sort of arch structure and on it there are about 5 women from the orchestra, playing their hearts out. One of them is Anjelica Houston.

They are jamming along, one of them has a mid-sized drum that seems to sort of... undulate.. each time it's struck. Anjelica keeps dropping this feather and reaching too far out and down- she balances on one foot on the arch and does this ballet-lookin' move that makes me dizzy just to watch. If a breeze came along, she'd fall.

And then I wake up to Jonathan's hideous screeching alarm clock (seriously- you should hear this thing) to which he has some annoying attachment even though it's huge and ugly and from the 60's. I think if I had just never said anything but bought him a modern one, he wouldn't have dug his heels in quite this deep... well, live and learn, Miriam.

I walk around most of the day in the mood of whatever dream befell me the night before. So not only does this take over your body, apparently the mind is soon to follow.

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