Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturdays the BEST DAYS.

We slept in. I had further wierd hormonal dreams. My father-in-law had a girlfriend, I got bit in the neck by a rattlesnake, my mother-in-law was a shrub (we were patting her branches to console her). It was stranger and stranger the more times I had to get up and pee.

We're heading to the farmer's market- should be fun. Cheese curds and organic squash anyone?

Being pregnant is amazing. And I have a pregnant friend who will run with me!! We've gone twice and I already feel comfy running with her. It takes a while for me usually- to be able to chat, to not worry about slowing her down. AND, she will prattle on with me at length about all the little things about being preggo that make normal folks' eyes glaze over. (almost (as yet) invisible amounts of tummy squishiness, thirst-o-meter, parenting fears, husband training techniques)

Alright, we're off. Gotta get back and get some work done on my project. It's been decided- the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu will be my own private obsession this summer.

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