Monday, May 23, 2005

Wedding weekend.

Don't you think a rabbit running through your ceremony, stopping to stand just in front of the bride, and then hopping off into the shrubbery must be one of those medieval signs of fertility or some such? It was the most exciting moment of the event, although the gardens were completely perfect. A lot of the couples we play for seem so... reserved. They smile (lips closed) only at the pre-scripted moments. I suppose they could be nervous- but then you'd think they'd loosen up at the receptions. Perhaps they're just shy folks shoved into the spotlight in funny clothes.

The other couple were poster children for tanned, toned wedding tawniness. They did choose some funny tunes- probably the only couple this year to use the theme from Willie Wonka {can't wait for the new one to come out!}, and in the middle of the ceremony everything stopped so we could play the love song from Phantom of the Opera. Funny little interlude, if you ask me- but then, I suppose all those great opera arias are also taken from stories of horrible human relationships.

In between those two days, we watched the new Star Wars (chuuuuh Khuuuuuuh= darth vadar), and had a great conversation about why some folks think Christians just have some massive intellectual or self-esteem failing. That belief in God is a form of supreme weekness.

AND we managed to do our Bible study! We talked more about the Sermon on the Mount definition of gentle/ meek/ etc. I am constantly amazed by the fact that if I will just for one second think about God while dealing with people, it's almost EASY to treat them well. It's not like it's some huge struggle- if I will just remember that.

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