Thursday, May 26, 2005

Now we wait....

I had no idea how impatient I am. It has been what, two weeks, and already I wish I were showing, I wish I could feel it move, I wish it would get here sooner.

This is supremely illogical in light of the fact that I simultaneously have one million things to do for my degree, and I really want that degree now. I think if I have it, it will be okay to relax in the year of the baby and still have a chance of getting back in the game if I want to. I know that everything will change, but you know what people say; the career will be much less of a priority. I just want a chance to build some serious music into my life. Right now, I don't want to give up the idea of having something more than a local orchestra and teaching from home. No point in worrying I know, but again, I'm good at it.

Each thing in order- not one of my strengths. Probably gotta learn that with kids around. Hmmm.

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