Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, Ma'am, it must have been the crack pipe.

So up pulls the nice little van and the plumber comes in with all sorts of neat tools and a lovely light to shine on the dust under the sinks.

Until the second the doorbell rang, I had been madly flinging everything from under the sink into the tub. Good thing we got that super-sized soaker tub. Nail-polish remover, shampoo I don't even remember buying, pretty bottles of smelly things. Why is TP so expensive, anyway?

The poor plumber.

He tried everything, and could not get the water to drip the way I had promised it would. I SWEAR it did- if you cupped your hands under the faucet to fill them, the water would spill out from somewhere under the sink. He gave a valiant effort.

As he packed up and left, he said without cracking a smile, "Well, keep an eye on that." Bless his heart.

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