Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is NOT my body.

Wierd. I haven't gained any pounds on the scale, but my middle is softer and fuller already. Last night we grilled out with friends and I thought I was going to explode after. My favorite jeans felt awful, and I didn't eat that much. A lot of the books say to not drink much with your meals, and I had 2 sparkling soda waters. Ouch.

Looking around on the hallowed internet, I see pics of women about as far along as me and some are totally "showing", while others still look basically flat. I can tell already.

One chick I know was still flat at 15 weeks, but that just isn't normal. It's not that I am obsessing with this, it's just that it's surreal to not be in control of your body.

I'm going for a run. I think I'll take the kid along.

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