Monday, May 16, 2005

The post heard round the world. (well, our world)

We are just a little bit ahead of schedule. Most of our vast readership has been told in person or we've attempted to tell you, so if you read it here first, we apologize.

We are pregnant!!

Everything has changed about our choices for next year. Well, actually, we have basically the same options, but now they seem so much more important.

Do we move away from friends to be closer to parents?
Do we give up the chance for J to have a degree from Columbia?
Will the house sell? (there are no less than 4 up for sale on our circle)
We're WHAT?

Many of these will answer themselves. If he gets a good job in Portland, we'll go. If things don't start to remove themselves as barriers to NYC, we probably won't go. If the house sells and we're feeling like we can work it out, then NYC is possible.

And we're accepting submissions for names. Names! It's going to be an actual kid. Funny how thinking of names/ and boy- or girl-ness makes it much more adrenaline-filled.

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