Saturday, November 25, 2006

35 x 35

I'll be turning 35 on May 22, 2008. Thirtyfive is the oddest age. Younger people think you're old- on the decline from hipness, losing grip of the here and now. Older people remember being your age and feeling younger than they do now.

I find reading these things boring, but if I put it up here, it will feel more "official". And... if I can do a post-a-day for a month then maybe I can capitalize on the momentum and do these.

1. Run 15 fun runs
2. Play entire Bartok in recital
3. Weigh xxx OR gain no more than 30 in pregnancy
4. Paint the big canvas
5. Spend a day junking with Mom
6. Get a system for photos (boxes? books?)
7. Spend at least 4 days straight tent camping in Oregon
8. Paint Toby’s room: Chalk board paint, tree.
9. Take 4 Dobro lessons
10. Arrange five songs for viola
11. Continue tattoo
12. Publish article in a music journal
13. Learn how to do pincurls
14. Learn how to self-braid
15. Volunteer 3 places
16. Record a CD (for school jobs, also to sell)
17. Make a bonfire on the coast
18. Help Mom paint something in her house
19. Make glass panels for entryway
20. Refinish Toby’s table/chairs
21. Eat low sugar for one month straight
22. Make 3 (1 yr, 1.5 yrs, 2 yrs) video cards of Toby for relatives
23. Set up old viola for baroque
24. Take 4 baroque lessons
25. Build one bookshelf or window seat
26. Visit Madison House
27. Play duets for John Ward
28. Make wheat bread like Papa
29. Personalize case
30. Practice 5 days/week with MD player
31. Get into Precepts (at least 3)
32. Give my testimony- no holds barred
33. Plant pots outside
34. Go to a dinner show at Kennedy school
35. Make a monthly picture capsule

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