Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Idol- ization

I wish I could dye my hair black and look like this.

I don't care about Amy Lee's theology, or that she's got trouble singing in tune in some live situations. I just like listening to Evanescence. I like music that makes me feel tough and is rad in the car but is not classical.

You see, future kids of mine who may be forced to sit and read this, there used to be a thing called YouTube where a person could watch tons of video under copyright without paying on, say, a Sunday afternoon. It wasn't right, but there it was. Having never had MTV back when they played videos(I'm dating myself again...) I am fascinated by them now. The best are little operas, stories within layers of clothes, make-up and schticky sets. Check out Going Under- where she's under... water! Unsubtle, yet brilliant.

Speaking of Ms. Lee, I can't help it- I like her clothes and ESPEcially the fact that she makes them! Is it hype? Probably. Do I buy it anyway? By the truckload!

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