Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ready, steady... Go!

You’ve learned of our destructive pasts, our love for movie-trailer music as a soundtrack for Toby’s infancy, and our secret penchant for candy corn (we just told you that one). Now, the time has come for the revelation of another foible. I love the word foible. Reminds me of that little scientist guy on the Simpsons who says “flavel” in a strange swallowy voice all the time. And that all the names in that show are from our fair Portland because Matt Groenig grew up here.

But none of that is the foible of which I speak… write. Whatever.

I’m talking about my tendency to get all hot & bothered about something !NEW! and feeling like I have completely changed my entire life when in reality I am about to lose interest and run off in another direction, trailing the original excitement behind me in a tattered streamer of shame.

Shame streamers, they follow me.

There’s one for dobro playing, stained glass making, unpacking and decorating, breastfeeding… wait- that’s no streamer- it’s a trail of drool and bite marks. We are still all way into that one.

Ah, well. Hope springs eternal, so on to the latest !new!. It’s National Blog Post Month: the best excuse for pointing a gun at a visitor since ski masks and panty hose. See the seal over there to the right? Mrs. Kennedy made it and I really like her sense of humor (MMMMMWAHHH on her little yoga heini) so I signed up.

Every day. Even weekends. Even Thanksgiving. Even though I’m driving (one more week) a mini-van, I’ll try not to make it all about soccer.

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