Saturday, November 11, 2006


I had a revelation. I came home from the concert to find J on the couch watching old Star Trek- it's the alternative universe agonizer "Mirror, Mirror" episode, where Spock has a soul patch and half of Uhura's outfit is missing. I can't find a pic, but DANG. Too bad Sulu is gay, since he gets up close and personal.

Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) is so hot! She's not stick thin, but she has a total six-pack and this was the seventies. Here's her normal outfit. Va-va-VOOM!

Right? So, I think my body idols are these athletic-yet CURvy women.

Need further evidence? Well, here's my childhood idol.

And my early adulthood idol.

Though let's face it, I wanted to be Drew just as much as a kid.

...and my fully-grown-but-still-into-childish-shows idols. (Mostly Faith- I'm only putting Buffy because I want to BE like her. I want to LOOK like Faith. But they're both hot, no?)

Magical powers, other universes, great racks, what's not to covet?

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