Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm bathing in the scent of McEverything again today in Butte just to keep up the NaBloing. I am so ridiculous, diligently working at this just because it's a challenge and because I want a prize (hundreds of blogs + a handful of prize drawings= optimism defined). There are so many other things I can't seem to maintain despite a guaranteed reward for consistancy: practicing, running, studying... I'm a prize hooer. Higher levels of health, satisfaction, knowledge and creative success are not shiny enough to be prizes.

Toby woke up this morning to his first experience with a world blanketed in snow. We put my dad's mittens on his feet, baby socks on his hands, took him out in the yard and set him down to decide for himself what it was all about. He sat looking around his legs for a long while- which I loved because when he looks down it always makes him all jowly and serious looking. Between that and the mitten-feet, he had this whole look going.

Papa got out his big blue sled (he uses it to bring firewood inside & dead animals to his rigs- rugged, remember), and Dad started pulling him around the yard in great wide circles. Toby got excited then, doing his cackle-laugh and randomly shouting Tourette's style. I screwed up the ISO on my camera in the perfect white brightness, resulting in perfect white bright useless shots, but mom got some cute stuff I'll post soon.

Tomorrow we'll have 12 together for Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it's easier than Christmas and we get more time to chat. Plus, food! In fact, telling an interviewer at the Japanese embassy in New York that very thing may have won me the job in Japan teaching English. Another friend who already had the job told me they ask what holiday's your favorite and I decided to lie (Christmas rocks) in order to seem more universally appealing and friendly. I wasn't Christian then and also didn't want them to assume I was. I wonder if I did the interview today what I'd say... hmmm.

Here's a picture of Evel Knievel because 1) he's from Butte 2) there's snow in the picture 3) that's all I got.

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