Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Oh my halleluja how I like Heroes.

First off, Ali Larter's in it, which rocks. And I've liked Hayden Panettiere- shown here looking all singed yet powerful- since Ice Princess. {WAIT, don't write me off as a poofter with crap for taste, that was a perfectly forthright cute Disney fest, and it was about skating. Skating! Because if you take that treacle and raise it one spandex costume with jazz hands, you've got drama gold for all the white bread girls, baby.}

Heroes also has a whole story line in Japanese. The characters not only have hip, edgy coversations replete with well-written dialogue (subtitles are placed around the screen like in comics), they struggle with believable contemporary dilemnas. One of them says he doesn't want to be just like everbody else, "homogenous (like) yogurt". His friend replies, "We're Japanese." I love that exchange- you have to see it to appreciate it. I wonder if the Japanese actors were thinking that parts in an american "dorama" would involve plotless twists and random shower scenes just like back home.

As a slightly cheesy, well-soundtracked world-saving fantasy it may simply be filling the gaping void left by Buffy, (or Wonder Woman for that matter) whose loss was keenly felt in the core of my hero-adoring being. Whatever the root of my fascination, I highly recommend giving it a chance. There's a marathon today (God bless TIVO) so go program that season pass. We can make popcorn & brownies and braid each other's hair. I'll wait here. Go.

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