Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lessons from the Randomizer Part II

*WARNING* This post brought to you by Red Hook Winter Ale and Bridgeport Ebenezer.

I continue to be enriched and educated by the randomizer. And to waste more time than one woman has any business to.

For example, I did not know or care or in any way relate to Britney (and! I can even spell her name right) Spears and Kevin Feta-cheese-butt until the internet taught me how bbbbbad he is and how miraculous it is that they have separated. Snoooore.

Also, every blog I have traipsed into with a political post has been inhabited by a raging liberal. Some are interesting and well written and I will Favorite the rockin' ones anyway, but I don't really give a crap how they vote unless it's a political blog. Because the lay blogger just doesn't do politics well. So I'm not going to either. Unless I do.

Me: What was it you said today, and I said, I'm blogging that?
J: I dunno...
Me: It was witty and funny and hott.
J: {audience sees this coming} I say lots of things that are witty and funny and hott.
Me: ... [resigned typing]

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