Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fifteen Fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh Fifteen. Fifteen. (with apologies to nineteen)

Woooo, we're halfway there, wooo, livin' on a prayer.
M. Kennedy told me to post this.

November 15th in History
1837: The shorthand system, 'Pitman', is first published
1901: Hearing aid patented in New York, by Miller Reese
1918: Victory' day celebrated in Britain to mark the ending of the First World War

November 15th birthdays
1891: Erwin Rommel, Leading German General of WWII
1907: Count Claus von Stauffenberg, Involved in the attempt on the life of Hitler
1930: J.G Ballard, American novelist

And with that... I've posted!

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