Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't read too much into it.

Here's yesterday's page from Toby's nightly devotionals book. (We're trying to rid him of the biting habit with that old-time religion, see?) Let's discuss:

Go with the Flow
November 1
Some days I like to be all by myself. But like my heart, this day is God's. Will I get to do what I want to today? Maybe. But God may have other plans. So I won't clog them up. I will go with the flow!

[There's a creepy kiddy cartoon here of what appears to be a young Carrot Top carrying TWO plungers into a bathroom. It's similar to this image.]

Do you know that... you are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19

So this is why folks think Christians are full of crap, right? I mean, seriously. God's plans are analogous to a toilet? I should be writing kid's books. For Pete's sake, Madonna should be- oh, wait.

Anyway, why is it that so much devotional / bible study literature is of such poor quality? You know what I mean- the overuse of rhetorical questions, the dodging of difficult subjects by resorting to cheap emotion, the refusal to admit more than one argument, the rickety construction of reasoning- these fill Christian catalogs. Certain publishers in this genre must have a dim view of the intelligence of their audience (me).

It's not all bad. I can think of a handful I like, including the warhorses: Lewis, Yancey, Os Guinness, Zacharias, and others for deeper study. I guess I need to get into the kid-lit. It's just so hard, gentle reader, to walk through the Christian book store without becoming either irate or nauseous. And that's just the cd section. The staff are always wary of the chick wandering listlessly around muttering pseudo-swears, slapping books back into their insipid little shelves and rolling her eyes. Last time I was sure they had their fingers on the emergency "Call Pat Robertson" button under the counter.

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