Thursday, November 30, 2006


This home for at-risk (meaning young, fighting addiction, unsupported or otherwise compromized) moms is a great thing. I'm so raring to go get involved. They need gliders, bedding, and hang time with other moms. Visit them here.

I'm reading Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis, and David Crowder's Praise Habit. Before last night at Borders I didn't know about either.

We were introduced to Bell's Nooma videos back in Madison- very slick, contemporary, fresh takes on theology. I'm partway through his book, which at times skitters around the heretical, but I still like it. My favorite passage thus far:
...sometimes when I hear people quote the Bible, I just want to throw up. Can I just say that? Can I get that off my chest? Sometimes when people are backing up their points and the Bible is used to prove that they are right, everything within me says, "There is no way that's what God meant by that verse."
Sometimes I question his motivation in distancing himself from The Church, but my conclusion so far is that he's sincere and has a good foundation.

The Crowder book is just fun without being dumb. So is his Blog. So is his music (when it doesn't pop out completely leaving me feeling old... but mostly I love it.)

I'm having a really great day. Toby is being a flirty goof- and with those cheeks, you can imagine he's quite proficient.

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