Saturday, November 18, 2006

All I've got...

I am in downtown Spokane, in a parking lot, refraining from tossing the laptop into the falls.

There's free wifi here.
This computer can connect.
It's debating me on whether it should.

I'll post more tomorrow if we don't work this out.

Here's from earlier today:

We’re driving through the wifi cloud in the middle of nowhere (Hermiston, Oregon) but I can’t quite get hooked up. The cloud serves the farmers out here, allowing them to download crop information on the fly in their tricked out John Deeres.

Nothing like a road trip. I love the unpressured conversation and that cozy feeling that sets in after a few hours.

Today we’re driving through a hazy fog which is fine because this drive (central Oregon/Washington) is in the top five most boring stretches of highway in the country. The only interesting things to see are tumbleweeds and dead animal bits. When it’s clear and cold and a skiff of snow skirts the endless fields of wheat stubble then you can hunt for coyotes and big birds and see beauty in the ruggedness. Red-tailed hawks and eagles make a lonely living, sometimes venturing onto the highway to take advantage of the carnage.

The saddest roadkill to me has those long wild feathers sticking out, evidence of a poor sense of timing or a titan avian ego.

We’ve pulled up into the rolling hills above the fog, but it’s still just pale gold stubble and tumble weeds to the horizon, where gargantuan windmills are turning. They look large from here, but when you see a single blade go by on a semi you realize how enormous they really are. When I was little I thought they were being turned by something inside, like a little gimmicky personal fan. I couldn't figure out why they didn't just turn them off in Don Quixote when the crazy attacked them.

Looks like it’s 22 miles to Richland, the atomic city, home of superfund site Hanford Nuclear. Where I was born. Just nine months after that horrible accident. Mwahahahaha.

Seriously, I have a story about an accident there, but I'll have to save it for later- my battery's dying.

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