Monday, December 04, 2006

Cooperation: DEnied

Young Tobias has discovered his separation anxiety and/or deserves several Oscars. He cried for a good 15 minutes straight tonight. In a spot-on imitation of the Captain Kirk school of acting, he pounded on his side of the sliding glass door while I drilled holes in the beginnings of a crappy 4-tier shelf on the other. There were tears, there was an incredibly flexible bottom lip, you should have been there. No, really, I wish you all were here.

I thought he'd eventually wind down and take notice of the fact that I was less than 4 feet away, or that he was surrounded by toys or that he was BEing riDICulous. Babies are insane! Run for your lives... wait, I'm alone here, aren't I?

Thankfully, J just called and we are going out for SUSHI!! Because it cures all, incoherance and inability to do a cool mirror pic included!!!

Exclamations!!!!!! Are the best kind of histeria!

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