Thursday, December 21, 2006

Standing advice

All the excitement around here has led to a new developmental milestone for Sprout. Here we see him not holding on to anything for balance- he is standing on his own. Long enough for me to notice, look for the camera, wait for the camera to wake up, focus and finally click the shutter. He flopped onto the floor .02983476 seconds after that, so thank goodness it took.

Also, in case anybody is thinking of doing those slides, here's one of mine.

My advice if you're doing these:
*Get the slides at a teacher supply shop.
*Cut a slide-sized hole in a piece of paper so you can evaluate your potential pictures to see what they'll look like in a slide. The image has to be pretty small.
*If the fancy stained glass tape is too spendy (it's about $15) for your taste, why not try that Home Depot duct foil? It should work.
*If you use the real tape, be CAREFUL of your musician fingers. That crap gives nasty papercuts. The slides themselves aren't that sharp, but that expensive tape is vicious.
*Use the thick tape-style magnets because the slide itself is substantial and magnets that can't hold anything but themselves up are lame.


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