Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Inspired Giving

On Sunday, Imago did a big advent thingy.

We were meant to focus on our relationships this season, and avoid spending money on impersonal extraneous gifts. Where possible, we were challenged to avoid spending in order to give a financial gift to our church's Advent initiative. Tonight we get to go get an assignment of stuff to buy, wrap and deliver to different areas of local need. Isn't that a great way for a church to spend that tithe money?

One of the things I'm simultaneously compelled by and failing at lately is a daily scripture reading schedule, along the lines of the Liturgical year. The idea of getting back to the real purpose of Advent, and using it to bring immediacy & depth to the season appeals to me.

Another excellent idea, along the lines of the super radical World Vision gift catalog, is the charity my buddy K is supporting in honor of all her family and friends this year instead of buying gifts. Remember that Seinfeld where George made out cards that said he was donating, but he really wasn't? Like that, except without the sadness.

Incidentally, K is also my printmaking friend and she burned tasteful indie CDs with screenprinted jewel boxes designed by her equally talented husband- do you think one human should be allowed to be so hip? I would be so intimidated if she hadn't admitted that she...uh well, maybe I am just a little intimidated, because I can't think of any flaws at the moment. Anyway, check out Play Pumps, because it looks to be a worthy organization.

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