Thursday, December 28, 2006

This just in...

... I'm no longer convinced this daily posting thing is such a good idea. And yes, I do realize that I lost my streak on Christmas Day anyway. Too bad I can't just pretend it was some stoic honoring-Christ thing. I just ate too much, drank too much, presented too much with too much family, and forgot a little teeny bit.

I'd like this not to be a This Happened and Then This, and Then, etc type of blog. It would be pleasant to have opinions on the events (and lack thereof) in my daily existance. Opinions, reactions, musings, humorous (low humor, though) thoughts. I'd take any of that stuff over the frenetic nothingness I feel when I'm typing out my experiences with holiday traffic.

Perhaps I'm experiencing a temporary lack of electricity in my brain parts because I've been sitting on my kiester eating cake and watching tv for five days straight. (and Then... ) Anyway, I can understand why people write memes now and also why they watch the news, even though you have to admit both can be a tad depressing.

So in that spirit, how about a list of things I hope I don't write about when I'm hard up for material:
1. Clothing sizes. Unless I'm in a wee one and want to brag.
2. Starbucks. It's so been done.
3. Fights I've had with my spouse. There's a blog or seventeen hundred out there devoted to just this. All I can think is, hello- do you WANT to mess up your claims with the divorce lawyers?
4. Directions I want the blog to take, like what I do or don't want to see myself writing... in the.. uh..

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