Saturday, December 02, 2006

Little Things

When I took that test they give you in the Guidance Counselor's office in high school, the result was something lame. I don't remember what it suggested, but the program had a field you could fill in and find out why your actual interests were nowhere in your list of suggestions. Turns out music was ruled out when I told it I didn't want to do meticulous, detail-oriented work. Guess I should have just been a drummer. (Bah-dum-bum CHH)

I was trying to think about why "little things" appeal to me. Not miniatures, but things complete in their smallness. I love macro photos. Travel-sized items, bite-sized foods, even fine print- especially handwritten yet legible.

I've just returned from a concert and will collect my thoughts to post some pictures of the little things I work on in my playing.

Little posts are also neat, don't you think?

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