Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rock it like the Star you are, Frolic-child.

I've GOT it!
The spirit has taken me and I am READY for Christmas.

It may have something to do with my beeg seester coming, or us going to Montana. (Is there a Christmassier state? No, there is not.)

And Toby was so flirting with me alllll morning. Giggle, flirt, wrists up under the chin with head tilted coyly down, cackling in the corner playing with his singing car toy. His arms would flail happily whenever I caught his eye. I mean, if I had to hear The Muffin Man one more time I myself may have begun flinging whatever I had to hand, but thank Rudolph that one more time never came.

I wonder if he knows we aren't buying him any Christmas gifts. He may be working the wrong house, if you know what I mean. My finely honed psychic power tells me he's going to get too many anyway and we can just let him assume we gave him whatever the Grandparents get. My power tells me he likes them better anyway.

So anyway, bring out the mistletoe, light the Yule Log (or eat it?), let's get jingly with it. (Rachael is a) Ho Ho HO!

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