Friday, December 22, 2006


tra·di·tion (n.)
1. The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.
2. a. A mode of thought or behavior followed by a people continuously from generation to generation; a custom or usage.
b. A set of such customs and usages viewed as a coherent body of precedents influencing the present: followed family tradition in dress and manners.
3. A body of unwritten religious precepts.
4. A time-honored practice or set of such practices.

I'm having trouble putting my finger on my own specific holiday traditions. My family tends to be free and flexible, doing whatever works each year. I'd like to have a few Christmas traditions for Frolic, to better provide discussion material for his therapy sessions.

Here are some candidates:

1. The idea of an advent run-up to Christmas appeals to Insanely Homemakery Miriam, but not to the Actually Doing It Miriam, unless we can work out something I don't have to recreate yearly.

2. Some charity service will definitely be part of the deal, but I'm not sure whether it's better to be faithful to one or to serve a bunch. Picking one would teach him to be consistant and emphasize relationship, but serving many would illustrate the depth of needs.

3. I need to go camping. Boy-children are supposed to like that, right? Snowy wilderness + tents and firepits= joyous memories all around!

So, come on. What are your traditions? Which did you like/dread as a kid? How do you give meaning to the holiday bustle?

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