Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wrap it Up.

Did you wrap your prezzies yet?

I'm almost done. Every year, the first couple packages look like a second grader did them. By the end, I can almost hear the Elgar going as I become eligible to just about move on to seventh grade.

OH NOOOO! I am watching tv and posting because Toby is sleeping and I must cram in as much pretending I'm in charge as possible, and they have SICKO's on. With, like, two-foot long fingernails and six inch long TOE NAILS. There are not enough capital letters in the world. Gag.

Anyway, how about some little tips on wrapping cheaply, mmm-kay?

1. Buy some of that brown paper in the shipping section of whatever store you hate the least. Seriously, this time of year I am so crotchety with the Man. Freddies overcharges and hires buttheads, Target has a new crappy return policy, Walmart panders to socialists and is far away, Albertsons is ghetto and half the food is expired. See? I'm like, 90 years old or something.

2. Wrap everything as cleanly/simply as possible. Try to keep tabs on your environment as you work. Don't let the toddler escape, injure itself, eat paper you will later need, etc.

3. Embellish with foil tape from Home Depot. You can find it in the duct aisle and it's super cheap, like $2.50.

4. Add feathers ($1.49) from a craft shop and write whatever you want on the foil with sharpies.


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