Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The day after yesterday, which I missed.

This is a quickie- I am so falling asleep as soon as I'm done. We are still in the thrall of the Holidays (Capital H because DANG, we do it up RIGHT!) around here, so sleep is a precious gift from baby Jesus Himself. Speaking of, Toby slept 12 hours with no parental interventions on Christmas. Because I'm writing about it here, it may never ever happen again.

I will leave you with a few recommendations in case you find yourself with Christmas cash. Go out and get Little Miss Sunshine, and the following musics: Sufjan Stevens, Laura Gibson, and Pedro the Lion. As always, you should be listening to Gillian Welch, Lyle Lovett, Willie (don't make me say Nelson), Bjork and the Man in Black.


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