Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This weekend we went to our first dress-up party for J's work. It felt peculiarly adult. I do realize that in reality at 33,000,000 years of age I have been an adult for some time now. It has, however, taken my brain a while to get hold of the concept.

I went expecting to have a lot of stiff conversations and time to sit quietly smiling without showing my teeth and trying not to slouch. Gah- it used to be so easy for me to socialize. Now I'm just hoping somebody will say something interesting so I will at least be able to blog about it later.

We spent most of the evening talking to a couple of guys I met at the last firm event. They are singing in the Portland Gay Men's Chorus holiday concerts this weekend. Apparently the shows are excellent, and we're planning to go unless it sells out before we get tickets like last time.

So, that's my unsubtle way of working into this post that our buddies are gay. Because it is important that you understand that when I tell you which one of us got the compliments on his outfit Saturday night. Guess! Hah! I am so going to jump on the 'gay men have a strangle hold on any discussion of style/ clothes/ interior decor' even though that's just a conspiracy propagated by people with boxes they'd like you to crawl into. But! My man can dress.


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