Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Grudge: Ju-on

I love scary Japanese movies. I love Japanese movies, period.

We're watching the original Grudge, which is called Ju-on. Like most J-flicks, it moves along just fine for a while- very freaky, very suspenseful. Then SUDDENLY there's a zombie teenaged girl scene with just a little too much screaming, and you can't help but laugh.

Japanese horror has an obsession with the following: long, unkempt hair or clumps therof, pale skin, creepy children, water puddling inexplicably indoors, and highpitched and/or clicky noises. Any one of those things could be pretty annoying in real life, though not necessarily, y'know, deadly. If I were to have a damp, pale, hairy day, one where Toby looked fetchingly at me before terrorizing my, oh, say breasts for example- NO, Wait! I had that day and it didn't kill me off, either, not yet. I did make some highpitched noises, though.

He hasn't bitten in a while- but don't tell him I'm posting that.

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